A Perfect Circle Member Reveals Why He Regrets Filming Video Of Concert On Phone


A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel discussed the band’s no photo or video policy in a new interview on the DOMKcast. The hosts brought up the smartphone addiction of society today when discussing the policy, and Howerdel responded:

“I’m as guilty as anyone else of it, but acknowledgement is the first step to recovery. There’s many reasons, I think everyone can figure it out, why we would have that kind of policy. I get why you would want to take a memento of the moment, I’ve done it myself. If I go to a show – I’ve gone to plays. I don’t know if you guys have gone to a play, you never take out your phone to take a video or picture during a play, you’re going to get booted. Why is that any different at a rock show? And why is it any different to not be rude sticking a phone up in the face of a person behind you? At the other side of it, we would like you to be with us, present.”

He later said, “I get it too, I’ve taken a video, my wife asked me to take a video of a concert she couldn’t join me at. You do, and then you send it, and when do you ever look at it? If you ever look at it, you’re not even going to finish looking at it. What’s it gonna do? I don’t know. But then again, if someone puts out an official video, there’s care and attention put in with it. There’s usually a moment you can go back and recapture in a better way than a shaky video.”

A fan named Sean Bowers recently commented on Alternative Nation’s Facebook regarding the story about 60 fans being kicked out of a Reading, PA A Perfect Circle show for taking photos.

He wrote, “I was there and was kicked out for simply turning my cell on for about 30 seconds and checking an email. It had been sitting on my thigh and raised it no higher than the seatback in front of me and apparently caught the attention of security atop of the stairs.

I suggested they look in my gallery proving I wasn’t filming shit but they weren’t having it. Met a ton of people outside with similar stories. No doubt some ejected were guilty of taking pics too. As for me, I’m no rookie to Maynard events so know the standard. However, the staff at the venue were beyond trigger happy and dropped the ball big-time!”

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan recently issued a brief response to fans following reports that more than 60 concertgoers were ejected from an APC show in Reading, Pennsylvania for taking photos in violation of the band’s stated policy. After a fan complained about the policy on Instagram, Keenan wrote: “No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years. Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride.”

Keenan’s other two bands, Tool and Puscifer, also ban photos and videos.