Chris Cornell’s Widow Confronts Troll Impersonating Family Dog


Recently the anti-Vicky Cornell message board trolls have had an obsession with Chris Cornell’s dog Polo, and have even created a fake Polo Cornell Twitter account. Over the weekend the fake account attempted to troll and harrass Vicky, who responded: “Are you for real?”

She also wrote to the fake dog account after they mentioned one of her children, “I asked u not talk about my children. U want to pretend to be polo – by all means but u do not know us so do not pretend to unless you do????”

Vicky added, “Unless u want to let us know who u are please do not refer to any of our 3 children or allege whereabouts. thnx for your understanding.”

She later deleted the tweets.

Chris Cornell’s former solo band guitarist Pete Thorn discussed Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil’s eulogy at Chris Cornell’s funeral, where he discussed Chris’ love of dogs, in a YouTube comment several months ago.

“Yes, it helped, while also being really really incredibly hard. The guy was loved by folks from all walks of life, that’s for sure. Kim talking about how he treated everyone with respect and hated bigotry- how he didn’t discriminate by ethnicity, sex, or even species- about how some of his best friends were DOGS, ?

Neighborhood strays that he’d play with, wrestle with and take camping sometimes- there was a dog named Bill- ha. It was amazing. I was able to smile a bit at that moment. Beautiful service.”