Chris Cornell’s Widow Emotionally Opens Up About Drug He Was Taking


Vicky Cornell discussed Ativan, a prescription drug her late husband Chris Cornell was taking at the time he died by suicide in May 2017, in a series of new tweets.

A fan named Tammy tweeted Vicky, “I took Ativan for 4 days, got off it immediately. I suffer for General Anxiety disorder. After 4 days, on a very low dose I was having obsessive and suicidal thoughts. If I continued who knows where this drug infused delirium could have taken me. Godspeed sweet Vicky & Talinda💜.”

Vicky responded, “Thank you for sharing your story. It’s really important for people to understand every persons situation is unique- not everyone’s biochemistry is the same. We learn from each other.🙏Loudlove❤️”

Kimberly tweeted, “When he left, it was very triggering for me. Last remaining light. I’m on Ativan and still alive. With a history of hospitalization. Mines adjunctively prescribed to my main med. Please research and understand what patients go through.

Please understand, I’m just grateful to go to sleep and hold a job. I only take half an mg AS NEEDED! As in not daily. Psych stuff takes years to balance. Feel sad every time I look in my purse now. Miss him lots.”

Vicky responded, “100 percent with you and I’m certainly not saying don’t take this medication – I’m just saying that not every medication is for everyone. #Loudlove❤️#makechesterproud.”

Kimberly tweeted back, “No it’s not each one they can’t give like a t shirt. I’m so sorry he’s gone.”

Vicky responded, “Me too and I would give anything to bring him back but all I can do is share his story and hope that by doing so it will help save even one life.”

  • GS Page

    this is such bullshit chris did not kill himself people. what makes me sick is the people out there that know the truth and have info about his murder that arent saying a god damn thing. someone please stand up for chris and put the guilty where they should be.

    • Becky

      Amen! We all I know that both Chris and Chester were murdered and get off the get off the Ativan train Vicky idiot

    • Diana

      Was it Hillary?

  • Truth

    If you want the truth about what is really going on head over to Crazy Days and Nights. Enty will be revealing more and more truths about this insane, threat making Karayannis family. They have Russian Bots attacking fans who won’t kiss their dirty haggard asses.They are living off of Chris’ death. Vicky is pissed off because Chris was getting a divorce and knew what she was really like. Her last name is not Cornell.

    Don’t believe me? The widow will be getting a reality show in exchange for her getting Chris hooked back on drugs by swapping out his regular meds with stronger more deadly ones. Look at the doctor/director. Connect the dots, they all conspired to have Chris die, his fake family that is. Why? He knew many people that are human trafficking, pedophiles and international prostitution ring. The proof will present itself very soon. #nomorebullshit

  • Olga Stewart

    I am trying not to say anything negative about both Vicky and Talinda. And it is, at times, difficult. But I made a promise that this year I wasn’t going to be negative about Vicky (which now also includes Talinda). So I’m going to continue to stick to that.

    However, the more I read about what each of them say about what happened to their husbands, the more I really wish that both Chris and Chester had been able to find both some peace and happiness while they were alive.

    They both very much deserved that.

    But now, not only is it sadness (for Chris, Chester, their children, and each of their own families) that I feel but also a feeling of despair over both ruining these men’s legacies and that something that could have been learned from has dissolved into such a mess.

    • Agatha

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    • Diana

      Well I made no such promise and those two are attention starving idiots. Fucking cunts…

      • QTPI40


      • Olga Stewart

        Well, having had anger issues from the past, I had to work on that really hard (with the help of a counsellor).

        And I know that if I start to get angry, my body doesn’t handle it very well.

        Lastly, where this particular situation (the article, I mean) is concerned, I just feel sad.

        • Diana

          No I understand. You should take care of yourself. Especially when it comes to the useless shit The Widows are spouting.
          It’s hard because they are so out there. So unlike Chris. It really bothers me and makes me sad.

          • Olga Stewart

            And I understand where you are coming from.

            Oh and I do believe in karma. And so things almost always have a way of coming back on you

            And somehow, I do see this (karma) happening in this particular situation.

  • Chrizzy Ramone
    • Diane Neame

      Where did you source this from?

      • Lorenzo Takeout

        Ignore them. They are probably teenagers or have never experienced lifetime depression.
        I discount all the death conspiracy nonsense. Not because I don’t think that people get murdered for even less, but CC spoke much about depression throughout his life and those around him were very aware of it.
        If you haven’t been out in the world very long or live a sheltered life you’ll believe anything.

        • Shelly Concepcion

          I soooo agree that CC spoke and sang about depression and death for his whole career. Poor Soul…..if he could only have realized how much he meant to all that loved his music and presence. Loud Love ❤

  • Carrie Walker

    I personally think the two widows are doing anything to get attention and I do not believe that it was suicide. There is something very wrong with this whole thing. They need to stop acting like they know everything about the mental state of these men. Get your M.D. license first. Please let them rest in peace and hopefully we will get the answers and justice one day. I do not feel sorry for anyone but the kids. God bless them.R.I.P. CHRIS 😅

    • Violet Guevera

      trying to blame on medication probably for life insurance pay out…99% don’t cover suicide

      • HippieChic61

        Thats a common myth that life insurance doesn’t pay on suicide.
        The truth is ,no death benefit will be paid if the insured commits suicide within two years of taking out a policy. After two years they do indeed pay out if you commit suicide.

        • Violet Guevera

          really? that’s interesting BC my mother killed herself on an overdose of pills (percadan & ativan) & her life insurance policies (2) would not pay out. she was a school teacher, as well…we only received social security benefits until 18…so, yeah…that’s not a ‘misconception’…

          • QTPI40

            Yes there is not just one set of standard rules for every policy. Some will cover after a certain amount of time, some will not cover suicide at all. Not all policies are the same.

          • HippieChic61

            Most policies do pay, but not all. Sorry for your tragic loss.

          • Violet Guevera


          • HippieChic61

            Many people incorrectly believe that if you commit suicide, your life insurance will refuse to pay out — bottom line.
            In actuality, that’s not always the case. The answer is actually in an individual life insurance policy. Many life insurance policies, just like any other insurance coverage, come with certain exclusions that null and void any benefits should you expire in a certain way, i.e., suicide. However, there can be fine print attached to that exclusion. Some policies will pay benefits even if the policyholder committed suicide, but the policyholder would have had to committed suicide after holding the life insurance policy for two to three years depending on the carrier.

          • Violet Guevera

            like I said…99% …in my personal experience the policies did not pay out

  • UnrulyEva

    The fact that Vicky keeps pushing this Ativan scenario makes me believe that she was in her own world (or the land of Birkin Bags) while Chris was struggling with depression. I also wish that he had gotten the proper treatment. I am so sick and tired of her trying to convince the world that he died because of the Ativan. Or is she trying to convince herself?

  • Nikki Tsonos

    I really wish you monsters would keep your vile comments to yourselves. Chris was NOT yours to protect and defend. He was a husband and a father, FIRST, that has tragically passed away, it is not your business, how and when and what the exact details were. What matter is that a young man has tragically passed and all of you posting these inhumane comments are making his families grief a hundred times worse. You are not Chris Cornell fans, you are ugly evil trolls, weak losers, who hide behind their screens, bullying women and children. Shame on all of you. And don’t bother responding, I won’t be wasting my positive energy reading your vile trashy responses.

    • Carrie Walker

      Back at you, you dear sweet person. Hope your bubble never breaks! Sticks and stones…