Watch Tool Singer Maynard James Keenan Bizarrely Clean Beard

Photo credit: Lauryn Schaffner for

Photo by Lauryn Schaffner for Alternative Nation

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan recently released a video of himself pulling and blow drying winemaking collaborator Aaron Weiss’ beard. Keenan wrote on Instagram, “Speaking of landlocked Pirates… A dry pirate is a happy pirate. #sevenyearitch #showusyourbooty #harvestshenanigans @odditywinecollective @four8wineworks @caduceuscellars @merkinosteria @arizonavigneronsalliance @deliriouswerewolf videographer- @timwhite7.”

He also recently posted on Instagram, “Happy Birthday to my Salvation, my Balance, my All. @licoricelust #somanygoddamnleos.”

Keenan recently wrote about meeting Johnny Depp.

“Forgot to post this from @graspopmetalmeeting in Belgium. Last time I saw Johnny, I was workin as a props & art dog on a Tom Petty video, ‘Into the Great Wide Open.’ Johnny was on break from filming ‘Arizona Dream.’ (w Lilly Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Vincent Gallo, and Jerry Lewis.) He was one of the 1st people to receive an early 4-Track cassette demo of Tool tracks, pre-Opiate. Also pictured is some guy named @icet (killa) @hollywoodvampires @bodycountofficial @alicecooper #johnnydepp photo by @rosshalfin #buckaroo.”