Courtney Love Reveals What ‘Freaked Out’ Kurt Cobain When They Were In Bed


In a new Evening Standard article, Courtney Love discussed Kurt Cobain getting ‘freaked out’ when he saw himself in the ‘fashion’ section on the New York Times while they were lying in bed reading it.

“When Kurt and I were together in the Eighties and early Nineties, neither of us were into fashion at all. It was another planet — a moon somewhere. I didn’t know anything about it. I thought I could make my own fashion and didn’t need other people to tell me. I had a kind of punk attitude towards it all. You just wore what you wanted to wear, whatever made you look good. Kurt was the same. So one time, I remember, we were lying in bed and opened The New York Times to see ‘fashion’ pictures of him splashed across the paper. We were both amazed. Kurt didn’t get it. He’d always shied away from anything to do with fashion and it freaked him out.

In 1992, Marc Jacobs came out with his famous grunge collection for Perry Ellis. It was inspired by the whole Seattle grunge scene and Kurt’s band, Nirvana. It was unlike anything that had been on the catwalks before. Imagine plaid shirts with granny dresses and Doc Martens, baggy cartoon nighties with knitted hats. Everyone hated it, the critics were ferocious and Marc was fired. Sadly he’d lent us a lot of those clothes, and, stupidly, we got rid of most of them — because, I don’t know, we were really frightened by them. I regret that hugely as I’d love to have some pieces. It was a very special collection and Marc is one of my dearest friends now. But I didn’t get it at that point.”