What Dave Grohl Did With Guns N’ Roses Member’s Guitar Is Awesome


M0N-EL wrote on Foo Fighters’ Reddit regarding Dave Grohl’s recent performance of “Paradise City” with Guns N’ Roses in Tulsa:

“It’s been driving me crazy since seeing videos of the Tulsa show – the guitar that Dave was playing was badass and was obviously some sort of custom build (335 with a single pickup, a pickguard that looks like it’s from a SG Jr., custom headstock).

I spent way too much time trying to figure out out and then randomly I was checking out the new Rig Rundown w/GnR last night and BOOM there it is.

Turns out it’s one of Fortus’ guitars – duh. Now it makes total sense..he borrowed a guitar from the band and found a 335. Now (of course) I can’t figure out the name of the guitar maker that Richard says.”

Foo Fighters had an image of Malcolm Young on stage at Corona Capital 2017 as seen below as seen below to pay tribute to the late AC/DC legend. Grohl proclaimed at the start of the show, “We’re gonna play some rock and roll for Malcolm Young tonight!” The Foos then covered AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock.”

At Guns N’ Roses’ show in Sacramento, CA last night, Axl Rose paid tribute to Malcolm, and mentioned his own AC/DC bandmate Angus Young. Slash then played in honor of Malcolm.