Dave Grohl Makes Gross Purchase At Market


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s child appears to be learning to poop again, as he was recently spotted buying diapers at a market in a photo with a fan. Dave Grohl rejecting a surprising Guns N’ Roses member was recently revealed.

bamjanolo wrote, “I met #davegrohl of #foofighters & #nirvanadrummer of #nirvana at the Ralph’s in my hood #comeasyouare.”

Grohl said in a video, “Dave Grohl, buying diapers, yay!”

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently discussed his cover band Chevy Metal on SiriusXM. He was asked, “You serve as a vehicle for younger generations of rock music fans. You realize when you’re doing Chevy Metal, you’re paying homage by covering the music that you grew up listening, you are now introducing them to those bands.” Dave Grohl and Josh Homme were recently disrespected by a surprising girl.

Hawkins responded, “I think, in a way, that’s what was so great about that Queen movie this year [‘Bohemian Rhapsody’]. I mean, whether you think it was the greatest movie in the world or not, all I know is: I took my two older kids to go see it. First, I asked my friends in Queen; I said, ‘Hey, is there, like, a bunch of crazy s*x and coke and shit like that?’. They were, like, ‘No.’ I said, ‘So I can bring my 11-year-old to go see it?’, and they’re, like, ‘Absolutely.’ You know what I think was really nice? It introduced kids to music. … You know who my son is totally infatuated with now? Nirvana.”

He added, “When I was writing songs for a new little vanity project that I’m working on – it’s almost done – I was gonna write a song for my son, and he goes, ‘Can you have Dave [Grohl] play drums on it?’. I’m honored to say, ‘You know, you little fucker, you’re not getting dessert tonight.'” Dave Grohl was recently filmed crying in a hilarious video.