Slipknot Singer Reveals Why He Really Broke Up With Wife


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor discussed his divorce from Stephanie Luby in a new The Adamantium interview, hinting that it was his decision to end the ‘toxic’ relationship. He discussed the breakup in the context of the song “Solway Firth.” Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. A Slipknot member made a crazy Paul Stanley make out claim recently.

Corey Taylor: That song, really sets the tone for everything that’s being talked about on that album. That’s your main sentence to the complete paragraph. It’s really about realizing that sometimes in your mind, doing the right thing isn’t always doing the right thing for you.

Host: Okay.

Taylor: Being in a situation where you feel like you are supposed to stick it out even though it is so completely obvious that it’s painful for you, that it’s detrimental to your health, your sanity, your emotional state of being and that slowly but surely you are starting to disappear. Which is what I was finding [happening to] myself. I was in a very toxic relationship that I left about two and a half years ago but I had stayed in that relationship about five years too long. A Slipknot member made an insane System of a Down revelation a few days ago.

Host: Longer than you should have.

Taylor: Yeah and I had done it for the right reasons – I was trying to make it work and I didn’t realize that it’s just not gonna work. There are just so many things that have to work in a relationship that when they don’t when there is one thing at least you can work on that one thing. Yet, when there are several that is a glaring red flag that you have to pay attention to. Even in spite of being a proud man, a proud person that one wants to do what is right, sometimes that in itself can be detrimental to yourself because of the way you were raised.

That’s because you don’t want to be the guy that was divorced twice, you know – like it’s really tough. Especially in a situation where you feel like everyone is relying on you and yet, you know it’s not right. So that song is about the fall from the pedestal. A Slipknot member was recently spotted driving a ridiculous car.

Host: Gotcha.