Gene Simmons Daughter Gets ‘Flirty’ In Room Video


Gene Simmons‘ daughter Sophie Simmons recently posted a flirty video that you can view below. He and his wife Shannon Tweed were recently approached at an airport by a reporter for the celebrity and gossip outlet X17Online. Here, the rock and roll power couple was asked about their secret to keeping their romance alive after being married for so long. To which Simmons’ wife gives a most interesting answer. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. This Gene Simmons ‘miserable’ lonely restaurant photo was just revealed.

Reporter: I gotta ask, how do you guys keep this beautiful romance going? A lot of people can learn from the two of you.

Gene Simmons: Thirty-six years, I met her when she was one.


Shannon Tweed: Sense of humor, keep the chemistry going.

Reporter: Oh yeah, they gotta learn your recipe.

Tweed: Gotta cook.

Reporter: Oh yeah, you gotta feed him now.

[Shannon Tweed points to various parts of Simmons’ body. – including motioning to his crotch.]

Tweed: Especally ‘down there.’

Gene Simmons’ daughter was caught ‘making out’ in video. In other news regarding Gene Simmons and Kiss, fans of ‘the hottest band in the land’ took to social media to revisit the group’s popular and masterclass album – ‘Dressed to Kill.’ One reviewer put: “I love Kiss, and I especially love their work from the 70’s. So, I’m biased in that sense. Relative to the entire Kiss catalog this album deserves five stars. Along with Hotter Than Hell, this is the overlooked album from the classic period. It came right before Alive! and doesn’t contain any of the greatest hits except for the greatest hit; “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

The reviewer continued: “What this album does have, however, is 10 consistently strong tracks. In that sense it is the most consistent of all Kiss albums, there isn’t a dud on here. “She” is criminally underrated, and is a longtime fan favorite. “C’mon and Love Me” should have been a huge hit. “Room Service” is mindless fun. “Rock Bottom” is terrific, even if the famous guitar intro drags a tad too long. For the cost of what these old Kiss albums are selling for, this one is a steal. Not as famous as Love Gun or Destroyer, but every bit as strong.” Gene Simmons recently revealed this sad ‘coughing’ illness video.