Dave Grohl Reveals Tragic Kurt Cobain & Chester Bennington Similarity


Dave Grohl dedicated Foo Fighters’ Kerrang! award to late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who died by suicide last year. He compared Bennington to his late Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain, who died by suicide in 1994, and discussed the similarity of how they both passed away.

Grohl said, “I know what it’s like to lose someone like that.”

Grohl also humorously quoted the 1997 film Boogie Nights in his acceptance speech, which you can view part of below.

In an April 2018 98.7 interview, Linkin Park singer/guitarist Mike Shinoda discussed how the story of Dave Grohl moving on from Kurt Cobain’s death and forming Foo Fighters has helped him as he mourns the loss of Chester Bennington. Alternative Nation transcribed Shinoda’s comments.

“In the past few months, talking to a lot of friends who have gone through loss. You lose a grandparent as a kid, that’s different than losing one of your peers, or somebody who is your age or younger. That feels way different, to look at somebody who has stood by that, and then see them overcome different parts of it.

I realize that I’m definitely not invincible, and I’m definitely not going to make all the right decisions. I promise you I will make mistakes along the way, and that’s fine with me. As long as I can just walk that path and figure it out as I go, I feel like that helps bring that community together.

If I’m on the other side of that, and I see somebody doing well, for example Dave Grohl after Nirvana, seeing him do the thing and get back up and create Foo Fighters out of nothing. That’s a moment where you go, that can be done, it feels heroic.”

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