Billy Corgan Reveals Why He Went To Nirvana Studio To Save Album


Billy Corgan discussed Rick Rubin producing “Let Me Give The World To You” during the Adore recording sessions in a new interview with Lars Ulrich on It’s Electric. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“So I’m struggling in the studio and losing my mind LA style, and Cliff Bernstein came to hear what I’d done. He obviously got very scared because he didn’t hear any radio singles, and then he said, ‘Do you mind if Rick comes in, you play him what you’re doing, and then you maybe can work together, and there is some relationship there.’

I said, ‘Sure, I need help.’ So Rick came in, I played him a couple songs, he looked at me and was just like, ‘Far out.’ (Laughs) Which meant like, oh my god, you’re off the planet. It was too weird for Rick what I was doing, and now that I know him pretty well, it makes it even more funny. So the idea was, why don’t you guys go to where Nirvana did Nevermind, Sound City, and do one song with Rick and see how it goes, maybe he’ll pull you out of the fire.”

He later added, “In my naïveté at the time, and in my insanity, I thought this guy doesn’t do anything. But when I looked back on it later, I realized that everything he said was important, and everything he wanted me to do made the song better. But at the time I thought this isn’t what I’m used to, so it’s bad.”