Dave Grohl Reveals What Was ‘Weird’ About How Kurt Cobain Treated Him


Dave Grohl discussed his relationship with Kurt Cobain while they were in Nirvana in a new GQ interview. Grohl joined Nirvana in 1990, staying with the band until their disbanding in April 1994 following Kurt Cobain dying by suicide. Grohl said he had positive experiences in Nirvana, but that Kurt Cobain never once gave a ‘pep talk’ after a live performance.

Something that Grohl and the GQ writer do talk about is the misinterpretation that his time in Nirvana was all just sorrow and wretchedness. “We weren’t miserable all the time,” he says, laughing. “I mean, Kurt never once came off stage and said, ‘Nice show,’ which was a little weird. Everyone needs a pep talk every once in a while, right?”

Whatever anyone has written about the cultural impact of grunge and how much the music changed things, “Nirvana, for me, was a personal revolution,” says Grohl. “I was 21. You remember being 21? You think you know it all. But you don’t. I thought I knew everything. And being in Nirvana showed me how little I really knew. They were some of the greatest highs of my life, but also, of course, one of the biggest lows. Those experiences became a footing or a foundation on how to survive.”