Jennifer Lopez Shows Backside In Sad Affleck Video


Turns out Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married! At this year’s Evil Grammy’s sponsored by Pfizer, some have stated that Ms. Jenny from the Block, and Mr. Good Will Hunting, Ben Affleck, were engaged in a disagreement that might not have turned out well. We all know that arguments exist – this is a fact of life, nothing new and certainly nothing to worry about. Jennifer has confirmed the latter.

As per NME, Jennifer Lopez has dismissed rumors that she had a “disagreement” with her husband actor from Good Will Hunting fame, Mr. Ben Affleck at the 65th annual Grammy Awards.

Following the evil event on Sunday night (February 5), a video of the couple having a seemingly tense conversation circulated online.

In the video, as host Trevor Noah performs a skit while sitting next to the couple, Affleck is seen whispering something to Lopez, who seemingly responds in disagreement before placing her hand on her chest.

On social media, many speculated that the couple were having an argument. However, Lopez has seemingly dismissed the notion with a video montage on Instagram, in which the couple are seen looking happy together at the Grammys.

She captioned the post: “Always the best time with my love, my husband.”