Dave Matthews Bandmate Accused Of Disturbing Sexual Misconduct By Seattle Musician


Consequence of Sound is reporting that James Frost-Winn, a Seattle-based trumpet player, has accused Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley of making unwanted sexual advances and comments throughout the decade that the two knew each other. Frost-Winn worked for Tinsley as a member of the band Crystal Garden from about 2015 through 2016.

Frost-Winn filed a lawsuit on May 17th in Washington state, alleging that Tinsley created a “hostile work environment” where compliance with sex-based demands was tied to the band’s success. The suit seeks $9 million in damages.

As Frost-Winn fell asleep on the couch in the studio one time, Tinsley allegedly touched his legs, rubbed his back, and put his feet on his buttocks. “It not only creeped me out, but I thought it was really annoying because I was trying to sleep,” he recalls.

Frost-Winn eventually dozed off. “I don’t know how long I was asleep, but when I came to, he was masturbating next to me while I was sleeping, and he had his hand on my ass,” he says. “He was climaxing.” Frost-Winn freaked out and ran to another part of the house while Tinsley followed after him; he eventually came back to the studio.

“I sat there for hours; I was so freaked out,” he explains. “I felt assaulted. It was something I didn’t expect from him. I was contemplating how to stay in the project — it’s such a big opportunity, but my trust had been affected.”

Tinsley blamed the incident on “a pill mix-up” and said he wasn’t in his right mind.

“I believed him. I knew he was on a few kinds of meds. I forgave him but said it would take a while to begin trusting him again.”

Below is a text message from the article.

  • Michael Cunningham

    Ruh – roh ……..

  • Corndog

    If someone was inappropriately touching you, why on earth would you just go to sleep while they were doing it? You’d jump up and be like WTF, get your hands off me, right? Something doesn’t sound right here.

    • Jesusswept

      First comment is victim blaming from a mod. Classy.

      • Corndog

        How the hell is that victim blaming? The story sounds fishy as fuck. What grown ass adult is just going to go to sleep while someone feels them up? Why didn’t he stop it or say something? It’s not like he was a child and unable to.

        • Jesusswept

          When someone is a victim of a sexual assault and you say she shouldn’t have worn that dress. Yea that’s victim blaming in its defintion. People make bad decisions but still don’t deserve to be sexually assaulted. If they didn’t consent to it, it doesn’t fucking matter.

          • Corndog

            I didn’t do that though. Like, at all. You’re making out like I said they deserved to be assaulted, when that is clearly neither what I said or meant. I simply pointed out that something didn’t sound right. It wouldn’t be the first time someone claimed assault when none actually occurred, so absolutely any facts should be checked and stories scrutinised.

            You ever heard of a little something called innocent until proven guilty? You don’t even know if any of that took place at all. The story sounded off, so I questioned it. It’s called critical thinking man. You shouldn’t just accept everything you read online at face value, especially if it sounds iffy from the get go. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t. I don’t know, and neither do you. I didn’t blame anyone for anything. I just questioned something that didn’t sound right. Don’t be so melodramatic. Everyone is out to be offended by something these days….

          • Jesusswept

            It may not be what you mean. but It’s this exact mentality that perpetuates the problem and prevents people from coming forward and reporting. Asking a question is fine, but your comment immediately casts doubt on someone’s accusation and comments on the victim’s behavior and how it contributed to them being assaulted. I’m not saying anyone is guilty. I’m saying your comment contributes to victim blaming.

          • Corndog

            Well I disagree, as apparently do others.

          • Kay B

            I think I can add something here. I don’t think you are blaming the victim. What this article it comes off as (and this article has very little information) is that if Frost-Winn didn’t say or do anything in the decade….and that is awhile….then perhaps it was consensual. Like if Trump takes a porn star to dinner and then asks her to come up to his room….well both acts are inappropriate. He shouldn’t be asking her or putting moves on her, but she goes anyway. Something does seem off.

      • Stone Gossardish

        That’s not really blaming a victim at all. I don’t see anything he said as a blame. It was a reasonable question that could have a reasonable answer to it. I don’t see how there was any blame placed on the victim for what happened. Only a question about what happened afterwards.

  • Olga Stewart

    If this happened, then it’s disgusting.

    Especially that text message.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Without proving damages this claim is not going to be worth much.