Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Shares New Studio Video Featuring Different Bassist


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is recording an unknown project, but he isn’t playing guitar. It’s unclear if it’s for RHCP or a solo project. New video has leaked from the studio, and he is playing bass! You can watch it below.

Klinghoffer recently answered a question from a fan named Edwin in ‘Josh Mail’ on

Hi Josh –

Bit of a niche question but..I met you at the tiny pub next door to KOKO after your Radio 1 show there in 2011. We somehow got talking about in-ear monitors & how you were rejecting using them onstage.

I saw at tonight’s show (it was sublime!) that you’re now rocking in-ears so I’m just wondering if it was a peaceful or stubborn transition? are the benefits undeniable? any tips?

Edwin x (a saxophonist currently struggling to use in-ears..haha)

Klinghoffer answered:


Haha, what show did you see? I wore them for a song or two at a show or two a few months ago just as an experiment. I still don’t use them. I still hate them. I don’t look out much so I like hearing that there are people there. It doesn’t feel like a concert to me if I have those ridiculous things in my ears.

I really really see them value in them, and for the size of the venues the RHCP play, I probably should use them, but I won’t…unless I absolutely have to someday. It’s questionable how much longer I can subject myself to the volumes we can get up there.

Standing next to Chad’s cymbals as I like to do, or having to sing BV’s or doing solos and getting my amps straight on…it’s taking it’s toll. My ears are currently ringing (we played tonight), but whenever I’ve used in-ears, I always have them blisteringly loud as well. In the words of Hyman Roth, “This is the business we’ve chosen!”