Courtney Love Drops Taylor Hawkins Death Bombshell


Courtney Love, the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana’s widow, has recently revealed to the world something about Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters sad passing earlier this year. Let us see what has been said.

As per Reddit, Courtney Love, the late Kurt Cobain’s wife, was the guest on the latest episode of WTF with Marc Maron. Around the 1:01 mark , Courtney opens up about the Foo Fighter member Taylor Hawkins’ death and seems to insinuate that his death was linked to drugs. Remember, this is merely Courtney’s opinion. As of today’s date, implication of drugs have not been reported.

Here is what Courtney had to say:

“…that thing with Taylor was a f***ng one off…”

Courtney is quite hard to follow. Her brain and her mouth seem to go in ten directions at the same time. Courtney said she had a good talk with Dave Grohl about Taylor’s passing, but I doubt he would confide in her anything private. Maybe she’s just trying to put herself in the story, like she always does.

Whether or not what Courtney said is true, no one knows.