Dennis Rodman Details Pearl Jam Drama: ‘It Was Very Controversial’


NBA legend and unofficial Ambassador to North Korea Dennis Rodman recently took a Pearl Jam quiz in a new Genius test, and he scored 8/10. He discussed the controversy behind the “Jeremy” music video, which won an MTV VMA award in the 90’s.

“That video was very controversial in the beginning because it was about a kid. People didn’t really get the whole concept behind the video, because it didn’t really fit until he started to sing the song (sings part of Jeremy). So he was saying it all like that, and the video kind of clashed in with the music.”

“In 1991 I was playing with Detroit, and at the practice I went going to my car, and this roadie came up to me and said, ‘Dennis you need to check out this band.’ I said, ‘What band?’ He said, ‘Pearl Jam. This band is going to blow up.’ I wasn’t into all that, I was into rock and roll, but I wasn’t into alternative shit. So I went to this concert, took some friends there, and once I heard the first song I was like damn, this is my shit right here. Wow! Even though I’m black, I wasn’t listening to rap music, I was almost like a rock and roll guy.”

Watch the full Dennis Rodman Pearl Jam quiz video below.

  • Stone Gossardish

    The original version of the Jeremy video is a lot easier to follow and less people would be confused by the story if they let it fly. It was considered too dark, and maybe had too many shots of band members not named Vedder.

    It’s been a decade since I looked for the original version, but do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t seen it. There’s still too many that don’t get that the character did only self harm, he didn’t shoot up the class room, as Mark Pellington has said ever since they made him change the video.