Guns N’ Roses New Song In 2022 Video Leaks?


Guns N’ Roses have seemed to really checked into themselves as a legacy act. At their shows, they play all of the hits and some very well loved B-sides as well. Many have written off the band from making new music, but maybe those people are wrong.

It’s been said that Guns N’ Roses have been playing an unknown song at recent shows during soundcheck. As of right now, no one knows if this is a song that was created to eventually put out or if this is just a song off the top that the band likes to jam for soundchecks.

Of course, the song has no name just yet as we are unsure of the reasoning for its existence, but all of the stories do line up with how the song is structured.

As you can see in the video below, the song clip is very short and it definitely is a bit choppy. That said, there does seem to be a solid direction with it. There are no vocals in the video, but the guitar and drum work do go together very well. The song itself seems like a more current sound than you would expect from Guns N’ Roses.

The song is a bit darker sounding than you would expect from the group and it is loaded with ambiance. There can be a lot of directions that the band can go if this truly is a new work from them. Are the band trying to climb back up the rock charts one more time before possibly calling it a day? Well, it’s hard to tell.

Night after night, the band prove that they still have it, but how would a new track sound in 2022? It’s also hard to tell, but a betting person would be wise to bet on the band doing it very well.