Doom Metal Band Covers Nirvana


Last January, Swedish doom metallists Witchcraft issued their latest album, Nucleus (via Nuclear Blast Records). But shortly before, the trio issued a preview single, “The Outcast.” Why would this be of interest to faithful Alternative Nation readers? Because the b-side is an unlikely cover – “Been A Son” by Nirvana.

With yours truly being a longtime grunge appreciator (click this for the proof) and recently interviewing Witchcraft’s singer, Magnus Pelander, for the BraveWords site, I couldn’t resist asking about their Nirvana cover and if he was a fan of Cobain and company. His response? “It’s one of those things I rather let speak for itself.”

OK then, we will let you listen and be the judge…

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  • Sheiky Baby

    Solid cover, considering most Nirvana covers aren’t the best.

  • Rizz

    I dug it.

  • Katie

    Ahhh… Nice.
    If only Pete Steele hadn’t passed in 2010 it possibly might have been Type O Negative recording the cover of a Nirvana song.
    They often included a cover (and unlikely ones) on their albums. RIP Pete.

  • KAOS

    Tell me what y’all think of my covers 🙂