Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Responds To Matt Skiba Criticism


Former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge responded to a fan criticizing his replacement Matt Skiba on Instagram.

The fans wrote, “I saw Blink last night. I just want to say that it wasn’t the same. What I honesty missed was the talks between songs between you and Mark. Skiba is a great musician. But live…nothing can replace that feeling you gave at those shows. The witty humor. The interaction with the crowd (Skiba barely moved). I saw you posted about the want for AVA to tour again. I need this to happen more than you reuniting with Blink.

AVA touched my soul. Blink reminds me of my youth. That’s what so different about each band. And why AVA is a clear choice for me to choose over seeing Blink any day. I miss interacting with everyone on Modlife. The I-Empire days were untouchable and a stable in my heart that I’ll always remember. Met some amazing fans along the way too from Modlife. Hope you come back with AVA because there are fans like me who are anxiously waiting for that day to happen.”

DeLonge responded, “Thank you for your amazing and kind words…I hear you loud and clear.”