Eddie Van Halen Family Confirms ‘Deadly’ Disease


Eddie Van Halen’s wife confirmed reports that her father has dementia, and revealed that he was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago on social media.

Dale Holder asked, “Does your dad have dementia? My mom is 81 and starting to get worse. I’m struggling to be patient but I know I need to be better.”

Janie responded, “Yes, he does. For almost 3 years now.” Janie also discussed a Christmas visit, “One of my very favorite places to visit every year. They have an amazing amount of everything #Christmas @aldikhome.”

An Eddie Van Halen bandmate recently made an ’emergency medicine’ revelation. Eddie Van Halen was recently hospitalized for a bad reaction to throat cancer drugs, TMZ reports. They also said that after leaving the hospital, Eddie was jamming music with his son Wolfgang. This led to fans on VHLinks.com discussing the commercial viability of a new Van Halen album, and if the band’s 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth was a success or failure.

Jungle Drummer posted, “To say ADKOT was a failure without also describing the music climate it was released in is the biggest bunch of bullshit and you know it LD. IIRC, ADKOT was the 2nd biggest selling hard rock album of 2012, only bested by whatever album the Foo Fighters had out that year, while outselling albums by the likes of Aerosmith, Rush, and Soundgarden.

Not to mention you have no idea if it is Gold, as VH will never bother to update any of their certifications. The days of multiplatinum releases for any hard rock acts is virtually over for about 99.9% of said acts. The only exceptions I can think of that MIGHT still conjure up sales in the multiple millions are AC/DC and Metallica.”

Little Dreamer responded, “I agree with you. I wasn’t saying I thought it was a failure. I was saying I’m pretty sure for EVH it was a failure. Especially the fact that you didn’t hear the songs on the radio, I’ve heard him many times using this as a barometer of success. EVH got used to massive success, set the bar really high. He’s used to the old ways of how the music industry was 20 years ago.” Michael Anthony revealed an Eddie Van Halen ‘nightmare’ yesterday.