Howard Stern Calls Out Awful Neil Young Wife Insult


Howard Stern discussed David Crosby insulting Neil Young’s wife Daryl Hannah on his show last week. Howard recently made a disturbing Neil Young drug claim. recapped: Howard said everyone is guessing who is coming in today. He said he’s going to take some calls and find out who they think it is. Howard took a call from a guy who said it’s George Takei and Bill Shatner. Howard said that’s a great guess. Robin said that would be great. Howard did his impression of George and Bill talking about working together.

Howard took a call from a guy who guessed that it was Francesa and Mad Dog. Howard said that’s a great guess too. He said that was funny. Howard asked if he has another guess. The caller said Neil Young and David Crosby. Howard said that would be a miracle. Robin said she watched that documentary on David. Howard said Neil has had it with David. He said he insulted Darryl Hanna and Neil threw in the towel with him. Howard said David did say that it was the dumbest thing he could have said. He said he said it there on their show. Howard said he loves both of those guys. He said they’ll find out in a couple of minutes who it is. He said it’s actually Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell. He said maybe it’s the Bloods and the Crips. He said they’re going to setting their problems.

Howard Stern took a brutal shot at the Motley Crue reunion recently. Howard took a call from a guy who guessed Simon and Garfunkel. Howard said that’s a good one too. He took another call from a woman who said Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Howard said that could be it too. He said he never thought he’d see this day so it could be anything like that.

Howard said he might as well tell you. He said it’s Dracula and Van Helsing. He did a Dracula impression and talked about the two of them. He said maybe it’s the pope and Marilyn Manson. He said maybe it’s Coke and Pepsi and they’re going to merge. He said everyone knows it’s the same drink. Robin said it’s really not. Howard said it’s going to be Larry King and all 8 of his wives at the same time. He said it’s going to blow your mind. Howard Stern dropped a Nirvana reunion bombshell recently.