Angus Young Cancels Bombshell AC/DC Announcement


AC/DC: Tours de France 1976-2014 author Philippe Lageat has reportedly claimed that AC/DC have a new album and tour with Brian Johnson back in the band ready to go, but Angus Young has not yet announced it. An AC/DC member revealed how a rock icon was ‘fired’ in the studio for poor songwriting yesterday.

Carolinareaper posted on, “Found this on the French forum from a few weeks ago – not sure if it got posted here.

‘There’s going to be an album, a tour, it’s on the shelves, but when will Angus FINALLY announce it officially?’ PHILIPPE LAGEAT. September 2019, Rock Hard No. 201.”

An AC/DC member discussed a big name LSD meltdown earlier this week. Prior to this report, fans were wondering why there hasn’t been an announcement yet. TheRudder wrote, “I think at this point the boys must get to a point. Why wait? 2020 i think it’s the last stop. Are the boys over? I can accept that, but Angus has to say something… I don’t get this waiting… just say ‘yes, we are touring next year’ or ‘No, AC/DC are over.’

SmithyAC/DC chimed in, “It would be so nice if Angus wrote a letter to us explaining the situation and if the band is done or not, a note similar to when Brian left. That’s all we ask, for some clarity.

I know the boys have always been quiet, but the world has moved on, you have so many platforms to connect with fans now, it’s almost selfish not to in some way.”

Thevardinator said, “For a band like AC/DC to go out on a damp squib would be a tragedy. Axl Rose fronting the last gig? No way. Johnson, Young, Young, Williams, Rudd – I don’t care if it’s just one more show, get out there and have one last blast, before it’s too late.” Brian Johnson recently refused to admit if AC/DC have retired.