Watch Eddie Vedder Apologize To Upset Pearl Jam Fans


At Pearl Jam’s show in London earlier this week, Eddie Vedder offered a heartfelt apology to Pearl Jam fans for the band having to postpone their second O2 Arena show last month due to his vocal troubles.

“It’s been about three and a half weeks now since we were last here. I’d just like to send out all of my deepest apologies, and all my many thanks, and it all goes to the same people, all of you people out there, and everybody in this group. I never really had that happen before, so it broke my heart and then having a busted throat, having them at the same time is a really nightmare experience.

If it wasn’t for the energy that I got from these guys, our crew, and also our audience, it was everything [as far recovery]. So again, for all of the people who have changed their plans, and I know some of these familiar faces, you had to make some big changes. I’m so grateful, and so sorry, and so thankful to everyone. I deeply appreciate it, I look forward to playing for you guys all night.”

Watch video of Vedder’s touching moment with fans at the O2 Arena below.

  • WakeUp

    That’s what he gets for talking shit liberal politics every fucking show. STFU and play

    • Corndog

      You’re starting to sound like a broken record man. Take a deep breath and relax. Americans have the right to free speech, right? I’m pretty sure that also applies to the one’s who’s political views you disagree with.

      Being so angry all the time can’t be good for your blood pressure. If you can’t chill out then perhaps it’s best that you avoid PJ articles and live performances altogether so as not to upset your wee self unnecessary? The constant vitriol is honestly getting a little old and stale. Where is the logic in continuing to expose yourself to something you hate? Life’s too short man.

      • WakeUp

        I guess you like the assholes who kneel in the NFL too right? LiberaLIBE IS A MENTAL DISORDER

        • sharkguitar

          Like Hannity and Donald you seem to be suffering from a DEEP STATE of mental illness.

        • Corndog

          I couldn’t even name a member of the NFL, and I’m only vaguely aware of the kneeling thing in that I know some people were kneeling but i wasn’t interested in the story so I never bothered to read into it. I’ve no idea what that was all about, nor do I know how it pertains to what I said in my last post.

          Seriously man, lighten up a little before you sprain something. We’re all here because of a shared love of music, right? Relax. Give your caps lock a rest.

      • Nash

        Kinda like when the Dixie Chicks made their disrespect known years ago in a different country. Only they never recovered. Eddie just needs to sing his songs and be quiet. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t give a shit what he thinks! And this is coming from a HUGE PJ fan.

        • Corndog

          I don’t particularly care what he thinks either. My only interest in Pearl Jam; as with all bands I like, is their musical output. That being said, if the guy wants to exercise his right to free speech I’m not going to cry about it and obsess over it like some folks do.

          As for the Dixie Chicks, if memory serves that was about Bush and the Iraq war, right? Well didn’t they turn out to be correct in the end? It was a bullshit war after all. Both Bush and Blair lied their asses off about the non existent WMD’s, with Bush even making jokes about it after the fact. It was all about oil plain and simple.

          • Nash

            So you don’t think it’s chickenshit to go to another country and dog your President when people are there to hear you play your music?

          • Corndog

            No. If he disagrees with his president and feels strongly enough about it that he wants to talk about it then that’s his prerogative. Again, free speech and all that. People should absolutely speak out against the folks we put in places of power if they feel that power is being abused. I’d be much more concerned if people felt they couldn’t do that. That would be a scary world to live in.

          • Cindy Madden

            And we are certainly headed straight for that scary world. Have been since January, 2017.

      • Olga Stewart

        I honestly believe these sorts of people have nothing better to do with their time when they are online.

        I think that’s a little frightening.

        • Corndog

          It is very odd indeed.

  • DeMarcus

    I’m still pissed about the canceled Raleigh show

  • Dude McDuderson

    “….and it was heartbreaking”