Eddie Vedder Reaches Out To Bono After U2 Show Disaster


At Pearl Jam’s show in Fenway Park on Sunday, Eddie Vedder sent his best to Bono after he was forced to end U2’s show in Berlin this past weekend after a painful performance of “Beautiful Day.” Alternative Nation transcribed Vedder’s comments.

“This is one of the hardest working men, not just in regards to his music and their last record, and the amount of touring, and what they give to the people. But what they’ve given to the world, and the Red campaign. He carries the weight of the world, and the stage, and the weight of the people that come, but so much of the planet, he’s done so many incredible, incredible things.

He’s meeting with Angela Merkel two days before the show, he’s working our world economy. I just want to wish him the best, and tell him we’re all thinking about him. From one Irish crowd to one Irish man, we love you B.”

Vedder had his own vocal issues in June forcing the postponement of Pearl Jam’s second show in London at the O2 Arena. In a social media statement, the band revealed in June, “It’s the first time ever having to postpone a show for this reason. Ed and the band are gutted thinking of all the folks who have traveled and made plans. Sending their biggest apologies out to everyone and huge gratitude for all for the continued support.” The show was rescheduled for July.

You can watch video of Vedder sending his best wishes to Bono at Pearl Jam’s Fenway Park show below.

  • ynrozturk

    Bono – the guy who evaded millions in tax by moving his assets from Ireland to Holland somehow cares about the world economy now?

    • N.

      like a typical lefty, he only cares how WE run our lives, not himself or his rich friends

      • David Campbell

        Like a typical righty, always on the losing side in the end….

    • Anonymous501

      Yah, I’ve always struggled with that about Bono. He contributes a bit, but generally he goes around to world governments asking them to chip in. World governments get their $$ from the people that live in those countries, people that that live on a lot less than Bono.

      As much as I like U2’s music, it’s always bugged me he does that.

      • David Campbell

        Because he asks a country to focus some of their spending on helping the citizen versus increasing military might and corporate pockets….

  • lima85

    So tired of Blowhole & the Pearl Jerk.

  • where are we

    Carrying the weight of his own ego I’d say that’s got to be pretty heavy

  • Lucky Neko

    Yeah, like Vedder has the integrity to know what it’s like to even sing nowadays, duh mumbling as*hole, lol!

  • Maureen McKay

    His message is very kind and true. Too many people dump on Bono but fail to recognize that for over 40 years he has never stopped helping the less fortunate. Countless people have been helped and lives have been saved. He has a talent for uniting celebrities, politicians and everyday citizens to help the poorest on the planet. Thanks Eddy

  • Maureen McKay

    I mean thanks Eddie.