Eddie Vedder Sounds Like 1991 In Pearl Jam Videos

Eddie Vedder performs with Pearl Jam live in Vancouver.

Notice something different about Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam’s latest album tour for ‘Dark Matter’? If you are a longtime fan of the band, something’s gotta hit you right away – Eddie Vedder’s vocals. They are not just back but blazing. For real, it feels he’s been hiding some sort of vocal elixir.

Pearl Jam recently debuted seven new songs on May 4 during their world tour opener at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. Others, “Scared of Fear” and “Running,” were played in front of an audience for the first time following the premier live during an April 22 appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

Pearl Jam is currently back on the road in support of the Andrew Watt-produced Dark Matter, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 and at the top of four different rock-focused charts. The title track has become the band’s biggest hit on the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart since 1998.

Vocal rebirth

The grunge legend Eddie Vedder’s voice is known for its raw power and emotional depth. After years where voice has taken a toll due to the brunt of endless touring and one too many smokes. He has lost his voice in the past as well. But, here we are in 2024 – witnessing a kind of vocal renaissance for Eddie and it’s remarkable.

Rewind a bit and you will recall the grittier, somewhat strained vocals of Eddie Vedder in albums such as ‘Lightning Bolt.’ Fans have discussed the smoky timbre, grown huskier and rougher voice.

Turning tide

Well, fast forward to today, Pearl Jam’s newest album ‘Dark Matter’ hits different. This album is a showcase of Eddie’s evolved vocal deliver – clearer,stronger and with a new layer of maturity.

There have been several speculations as to how Vedder sounds different and better. Vedder is seemingly “paying better attention to his technique.” It seems that he’s taking more care to articulate his runs and use his vibrato. However, Eddie Vedder has had a complex relationship with smoking as well.

Conquering demons?

The legend’s gravelly baritone has always been his trademark. However, behind the scenes, he has dealt with smoking as a frequent vice.

However, during the recent Bill Simmons interview, he said that he quit smoking a few years ago. In contradiction, there is a lot of video of him smoking and even during the Simmons interview for Gigaton you can hear his lighter sparking and him taking drags the whole interview.

Wizardry of Sound engineers?

Regarding Vedder’s improved voice, let’s not overlook the power of tech in today’s music production. While Eddie might have turned over a new leaf regarding his health and vocal training, there’s another crucial factor which the fans believe could shape what he hear – the wizardry of sound engineers.

One fan believes that Vedder’s voice might be improved with “vocal enhancement tech.” Well, live sound engineering is an art form that often goes unnoticed. However, its impact is monumental. Sound Engineers balance and enhance the audio output during concerts.

However, it might be Eddie’s genuine commitment to his craft and vocal health, paired with the production tech prowess that culminated in the powerful sound we hear on ‘Dark Matter.’

Whether it’s cleaner living, vocal discipline, or just the magic of good ol’ rock and roll, Eddie has proved that sometimes best is yet to come. For the fans tuning in, let’s say, the man who once famously declared it’s better to burn out than fade away it doing neither. Instead, he’s firing up for the next act.