Eddie Vedder’s Seattle Friend Has Gone Missing


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has posted the following on Instagram:

SEATTLE AREA FRIENDS.. MISSING PERSON ALERT … we are looking for our friend and mother to my daughters classmate Alice….***MISSING PERSONS***
Red Toyota 2011 Rav4 License AOM1096

7/5 UPDATE – added new map and radius of where she could be.
Alice is still missing and we are all super worried as it has been 48hrs since she’s disappeared. We gained more information today that Alice left Tues 7/3 at 228pm and her car stopped at 720pm and has not moved since Tues evening.

She traveled a total of 81.5 Miles not 38.5 miles. She stopped a couple of times and her last trip was 38.5 miles.

Due to our strict privacy laws in WA, the cell company is unable to ping the device without a subpoena. Law Enforcement also state they can’t make a case for a subpoena because she’s an adult.
Alice is about 5’5. She’s 51 years old. She has been suffering from depression and insomnia. She is wearing glasses and may have been wearing a blue shirt and sweat pants.
Social Media is what the detective recommended. I appreciate everyone continuing to get the word out and helping to look.

Pete and her husband are searching Mt Rainer area, but we have really no idea where she might be. Please be on the look out for the car.

Thank you!
================================== 7/4 Update
We are now trying to pinpoint her location thru cell service. Several of us have tried to find her to no avail. She has an Allstate drivewise device in her car. She did not bring her cell phone. the only connection we have to go on is the device from Allstate. Allstate tech support is closed and they are unwilling to help us. The drivewise device posted her last movement at 720pm yesterday 7/3. We’re trying to see if we can pinpoint her location thru the last cellular connection with the device. let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas.
thank you everyone for thoughts ideas and sharing to get the word out! ——————- We know she drove 38 miles from her house and the car hasn’t moved since yesterday afternoon. See additional photo.

I’ve made this public so please share to get the word out. Thank You!

Family & Friends Need help finding Alice.

  • Olga Stewart

    I do hope that she is found very soon.

    • Corndog

      Same here. That poor kid must be going out of her mind. Fingers crossed they find her mom soon.

      • Olga Stewart

        I hope that this woman has now been found.

  • Jesus Krist

    Eddie V is going about this all wrong.

    He should try ICE, after all she looks Asian to me and and the political scene does not look too good for Asians at the moment… Just say that she has in her possession some classified documents…. That’s what “plague” on the 1995 movie “Hackers” would do. LOL 😉

    • Bruno Sílvio Martins

      If it was your mother missing I’d like to see if you had that same edgy sense of humour. LOL 😉

      • Jesus Krist

        My mother did go missing… in 1989. But I did find her, In her grave.

        Got any other mother jokes which I haven’t heard?

        • Trovoid

          Well your mother was supposedly a virgin, Jesus. Although I didn’t know the two of you sported confederate flags. Redneck Jesus? She didn’t die, she just ran off with the Devil. He took her V-card. I heard he treated her really well LOL 😉

    • Corndog

      You’re despicable mate. “LOL”….

  • Kitty Meow

    Can’t ping the phone without a subpoena they wont grant?! That’s bullshit. The first 2 days are the most crucial, after that, the chances of finding her go way down. There’s cameras at every intersection, seems like they should be able to track anyone. .