AC/DC Member Confirms Massive 2020 Concert


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade is hinting that he is planning a big 2020 European tour with his band The Chris Slade Timeline, which would mean if rumors of a 2020 AC/DC tour are true, it would appear that Phil Rudd is indeed returning to replace Slade. Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are also rumored to return. AC/DC released a huge video yesterday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Highway to Hell.

Slade posted on Facebook yesterday, “ACDC CELEBRATING 40 years on the HIGHWAY 2 HELL.”

A fan commented, “Respect! What an amazing musical career you’ve had! From the 60s with Tom Jones to this day. Again, my greatest respect for you Mr Slade! 🤗🙏”

Slade responded, “Thank you Henrik.”

Slade made a post promoting his 2019 European tour with the Chris Slade Timeline, and a fan commented asking about a specific city, “Hope you can come to Scotland sometime!”

Slade responded, “Next year.”

BonneedsPenicillin posted a theory on AC/DC’s plans on the forum, “It’s taken over a year for the album to be released because Mutt is producing it. And we know how long he takes. By the time the ball gets rolling for a tour it will be the 40th anniversary of Back in Back. it’s just a theory.”

PedroHodecker responded, “Actually, that’s a pretty good theory. I was really hoping that Mutt would produce it, I hope it happens. I like Brendan O’Brien, his vision of AC/DC really works, they should work together.” A major 2020 AC/DC stadium show rumor was recently leaked.