Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals Why Depression Didn’t Kill Him


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky recently wrote on Instagram that her late husband was not depressed around the time he died.

anamdro94 commented, “such a shame depression is the worst silent killer.”

Vicky responded, “@anamdro94 my husband was not depressed and should still be here.”

She recently discussed why the prescription drug Ativan led to his suicide, rather than depression or anxiety.

carlymoore653cm wrote on Instagram, “@vickycornell I love Chris so much. He should not only be known for his music but for how sweet and inspiring he was. Chris is such an amazing person one day I was listening to his music last year before everything happened and I was thinking if he really felt that way…Depression and anxiety needs to be more known…People need someone. Depression and anxiety needs to come to an end and people need to realize this if someone could just say one word to someone the world would be a better place…One hello can come a long ways for someone at @vickycornell.”

Vicky responded, “@carlymoore653cm thank you for your kind words. While depression and anxiety are factors and make up for 50% of suicide there are many more factors. If my husband was not on that medication he would still be here.”