Eddie Vedder Is Writing New Music With A-List Actor


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder wrote a new song with John Cusack a couple of days ago about the Chicago Cubs according to Cusack’s Twitter. Cusack tweeted, “In some not horrible news me & Eddie vedder came up with a new cubs song yesterday.”

Vedder was also recently interviewed by Joe Buck on Fox Sports 1. Buck asked how he’d compare Pearl Jam to the Chicago Cubs.

“I would say just from doing setlists alone, I’ve got a lot of Joe Maddon traits. Then once game starts, I’m a player coach. I would say that the battery in baseball is the pitcher and catcher. The battery in a band is the bass player and drummer. Mike McCready is the center fielder, I would say Stone you could put anywhere in the infield, he makes amazing plays.”

He also discussed writing “All The Way.”

“Ernie Banks asked me to write a song for the Cubs, and for Wrigley Field, and all this kind of stuff. He asked me, and I’m looking into the eyes of Ernie Banks, and it’s like looking into the eyes of Wrigley Field.”

He remembered Ernie being at Pearl Jam’s 2014 Wrigley Field shows, and having to deal with the rain delay.

“He said, ‘Is that some red wine over there?’ I said, ‘It sure is.’ He said, ‘I’d take a glass of that.'”

“Then it turned into a couple of hours of sitting with Ernie Banks, and him talking to my daughters.”

  • nomad

    Between Eddie’s obsession with the Cubs and Jerry’s obsession with fantasy football we’re never going to get new tunes!1!!!1!1

  • Corndog

    Stop fucking around Eddie. It’s been like 4 years now. Sort it out fella.

    • Stone Gossardish

      There’s no sign right now that any new Pearl Jam will be written, recorded, or produced, anytime soon. None. Bummer.

      • Corndog

        Is there any reason they couldn’t release another Lost Dogs kind of record? Who would own the rights to older unreleased stuff?

        • Stone Gossardish

          I presume they own everything after the Sony deal, but they now have a mega publishing deal. I don’t think they have stuff that ready to go. For god’s sake, they picked awful versions of a lot of those lost dogs so if they do it again they need pick better versions.

          I don’t think there’s that much they have, probably not even a record’s worth. Since there’s no money in recorded music anymore it would be just for the fans. Next tour it would be nice to hear All Night and some of the other top dogs again.

          • Corndog

            Surely after 26 years they’re bound to have a lot of unreleased stuff? I remember reading that they’d recorded a whole other albums worth of material during the Backspacer sessions before picking which songs went on the album. I know it’s not the most popular album but I personally loved it and would happily take more.

            Agree totally about the versions picked for Lost Dogs. I hated how Eddie redid some of the vocals instead of using the vintage vocals, because the further back you go the better his voice sounds. I remember also being a bit disappointed with the version of Alone they used. I’ve heard much better ones.

  • steve k

    Where was Vedder during the losing years? I’m kinda sick of him and Cusack making this all about them.

  • Don w

    Wasn’t the 1st wrigley show in 2013 not 2014. Damn fake news is everywhere lol.

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  • makingconnections

    When I see stories of Eddie Vedder messing around with baseball or whatever, it all just seems totally acceptable. He doesn’t owe us anything at this point. I hope he’s doing just what he feels like doing. My only concern would be whether he’s spending enough time with his family, but that’s for he and his wife to decide. I have a husband who is gone from home a lot and it’s O.K. – I call him “the friendly uncle”.