Vicky Cornell Reacts To Attack By Chris Cornell Stalkers


Vicky Cornell has sent a series of tweets to her ‘committed stalkers’ on social media, who have heavily criticized her since the death of her beloved husband Chris Cornell in May 2017. Vicky recently discussed Chris’ parents being alcoholics.

Vicky, who Chris called his angel and lioness, wrote, “For my most committed stalkers who went back to 2009 to take my words out of context. Here’s the entire post! Let me guess- I photoshopped itRolling on the floor laughing Let’s see how many seconds before you take a screenshot+continue obsessing over me. How many pages +hours have you dedicated to me now?”

Gail responded, “We don’t care about you, move on….”

Vicky shot back, “Then why are you reading my posts? Or even writing to me ???? Lol! Please please move on!”

Katie asked, “Who is stalking you? Your name is only known because of who you were married to. I think you should really get over yourself. Chris was an 11, you were maybe a 3, but that number is dwindling with every tweet that you tweet.”

Vicky responded, “And yet he chose me and loved me and gave me his whole heart with 2 beautiful children. He wrote songs about me, poems and letters -so I could be a 0 but in his eyes darlin if there’s a 1-10 I was a 20 and that’s all that matters #cornellforever.”

Jennie told her, “You are so much more. Try to ignore the unbecoming things people say.”

Vicky concluded, “It’s when they attack my children. They are so obsessed and delusional. You can’t be watching me & taking screenshots within seconds & not be obsessed. But how evil do you have to be to keep going after Chris’s kids-all they did was lose their dad -tormented from the day he died.” Vicky Cornell said a few weeks ago that we’ve gotten ‘closer’ to justice for Chris Cornell’s death.