Nikki Sixx Haircut Photo Stuns Motley Crue Fans


Friends don’t let friends get haircuts? Well, it looks like that adage doesn’t hold so much water or weight when it comes to the legendary Nikki Sixx.

Thankfully, Nikki Sixx still looks like Nikki Sixx. Actually, this version of himself may be the best version that we’ve seen in a very long time. Nikki looks like he has lost some weight and also cleaned up the facial hair a bit. The usual Nikki Sixx hair still looks about the same, but maybe not as sheen.

Either way, he’s still looking good especially when you remember everything that he has been through. I don’t think we need to bring up every time that Nikki shouldn’t be here, but you know the point.

On Twitter, Nikki posted a picture of himself and his fans are raving about how good he looks and how much healthier he is looking too. The star is looking over at the phone with a slight smirk on his face with his signature bandana on while his hair is in the Nikki Sixx shape along with what looks to be a freshly trimmed up goatee of sorts.

Many fans have pointed out that they believe that the signs out of all of this is pointing towards a stadium tour which seems to be true via another Twitter user who actually posted a countdown to a Motley Crue stadium tour which looks to be less than a year away. In fact, it’s less than 200 days away to be exact.

Will we be seeing Nikki Sixx take the stage again with a cleaner and leaner look? That’s to be seen. If all signs point to a stadium tour then we are ready to see it happen and we look forward to seeing what Motley Crue can do next and where they will be.