Faith No More Admit Classic Song Sounds Like Stone Temple Pilots


Adrian Harte recently released Small Victories: The True Story Of Faith No More. You can purchase the book on Amazon.

The great new Faith No More book has quotes from Roddy Bottum and Bill Gould discussing their classic and experimental at the time song “Last To Know.” The song appeared on 1995’s King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime. The track had a Grunge sound, something that Faith No More hadn’t previously attempted. Bottum described the song as ‘Pearl Jam on mushrooms.’

Bill Gould said it ‘sounded a little more in the direction of Stone Temple Pilots than where we were actually shooting for, and we didn’t quite get there.’

STP and Faith No More have few connections, but Mick Wall wrote about how Mike Patton was invited to audition for Velvet Revolver in his 2016 book Last of the Giants. He published an excerpt on his website:

“Ian Astbury of The Cult. Mike Patton of Faith No More and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge would also receive invitations to audition, but each would decline. Kennedy, like [Todd] Kerns, would eventually secure a spot in a future Slash project, but it too would be a few years down the road. By April, just as the audition process appeared hopelessly stalled, word arrived that Scott Weiland had just split from Stone Temple Pilots.”

  • MatthewEdwardDunivan

    FNM is a cheap knock off of RHCP anyway..

    • Mark Metcalf

      Fuck the Chili Peppers!

  • Daulton

    STP and FNM were both great bands. There is nothing to fight about here.

  • chris p moore

    Y’all people even listen to music? FNM=RHCP… What kind of f()cked up shit are y’all smoking. Being Like STP even is laughable.

  • Justin Bebier

    Now I know why I loved that song. One of my Favs from FNM