Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Debuts Surprising New Haircut


Red Hot Chili Peppers fans on Reddit pointed out that at the band’s first show in nearly 7 months last weekend at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, Anthony Kiedis debuted a new hairstyle that is a callback to his By the Way era look from 2002.

falconx50 commented:

“I just want to be in The Beatles”

gamefreak996 commented:

“Who wouldn’t?! lol.”

piefordays commented:

“Takes me back to SA days.

Edit: Shit! Totally meant BTW.”

falconx50 commented:

“Nah man this is like BTW era look.”

Zaplyn commented:

“My thoughts exactly. About BTW.”

StAngerSnare commented:

No joke. He’s barely aged. Minus the mustache you could put him in 2002 and now side by side and struggle to tell the difference.

apedap commented:

“Red Hot Chili Beatles.”

You can view a photo below. There were many rumors that Brad Pitt showed up at Red Hot Chili Peppers’ recent comeback show in Los Angeles, and it turns out they were true! Pitt attended the Silverlake Conservatory of Music gala last Saturday. He sat at a table near the stage next to artist Thomas Houseago, who made a sculpture in the shape of an owl that Anthony Kiedis and Flea gave to Mo Ostin.

Thomas said, “Owls are beautiful and mysterious creatures, they are wise, they are also very silent, but they pay a lot of attention.” You can view a photo of Pitt at the show by clicking here.