Famous Band ‘Nearly Killed’ On Tour With Queens of the Stone Age: ‘It Was Absolute Carnage’


Royal Blood frontman Mike Kerr discussed partying with Queens of the Stone Age on tour in an interview conducted a few weeks ago with The Evening Standard.

“I’m very hungover.”

“Last night was the biggest gig we’ve ever played,” he says gruffly, referring to their sold-out show at Manchester Arena. “It was a big moment for us.”

He also described Royal Blood’s recent tour with Queens of the Stone Age as a ‘four-week stag do.’

“We just came off tour with Queens of the Stone Age, which nearly killed us,” Mike says. “It was absolute carnage. It was like a four-week stag do.”

“A big part of me is because of Josh Homme, and Ben’s drumming is heavily influenced by Jon Theodore, as well as the records that Dave Grohl plays on,” he reflects.

Their experiences of getting to know them on tour might sound pretty full-on, but Mike saw the whole thing as a great education.

“It was like graduating from rock and roll school; being set free like a dove from the palms of [Josh] Homme himself,” he says.

  • Gary Reilly

    So is every article about QOTSA from now on going to be about partying/drinking and accompanied by a pic of Homme swigging from a bottle of Vodka or similar? We get it.

    • Aaron

      I know right!?! Ever since that incident I’ve noticed a negative press fixation on Homme. It’s getting painfully obvious now.

  • Dlanod P. Murt

    Josh Homme is a national treasure, and any pointy boot sporting soy-boys or girls aren’t worthy to be kicked in the mouth by his boot.