American High’s ‘Bones in the Attic, Flowers In The Basement’ Is Melodic Beatles & Tom Petty Bliss


Sacramento, CA rockers American High released their album Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement earlier this year, and it is a great nostalgic album that brings back blissful melodies in the vein of The Beatles and Tom Petty.

“Fairfield, CA” is a melodic Tom Petty and Bob Dylan throwback reflecting a girl from the past from Fairfield.

“Pretty Baby” is another nostalgic song, reflecting on finding a photograph of a girl. The rhythm is more upbeat on this track, it brings back some memories of Gin Blossoms’ greatest hits, with a beautiful verse riff that has the simplicity from the 60’s that is sorely missing in rock today.

“Sister, Don’t Believe It” is heavily Beatles influenced, with an immediate hook and Lennon and McCartneyesque harmonies.

“September” has that indie rock vibe, with a pretty riff and melody like Ween’s best songs. “Sensei” opens with an ocean sound, and it has that Beach Boys vibe but with a Pixies flavor of rock and roll thrown in.

“1.17.61” has a title that literally goes back to the 60’s reflecting on President Dwight Eisenhower, but it’s a track that would definitely fit in on modern rock radio.

“Bunny” is another Beatles influenced song, with one of the catchiest choruses on the album.

“Test Pilot” sounds like a poppier Nirvana, like the band might have sounded if they had recorded a fourth album with more songs like “Do Re Mi.”

Definitely check out American High’s record!

“Forgive+Forget” you appears to follow up on the earlier nostalgic tracks about a girl from the past, and the idea of struggling to forget about a past love.