Sammy Hagar Rips Eddie Van Halen ‘Ruining’ Performance


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently accused Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen of removing the Hank Williams Jr. music video they were featured in called “My Name is Bocephus” to ruin his Instagram post talking about the performance video.

Hagar told Michael Anthony, “What the f**k happened it came and went?? Mikey I think the brothers took it down, I had to put it back up this is bad ass.”

Michael Anthony commented, “Hahahaha, that was a fun shoot!!” Hagar shot back, “Mike I had to put it back up, somebody took it down it was up for a half an hour and disappeared WTF. PS that’s a chocolate cigar, I would never smoke anything that didn’t get you high😂.”

Sammy Hagar and the Circle recently announced a summer North American tour with Whitesnake, and fans on discussed ticket prices in a new thread.

The_atomic_punks_rule posted, “The ticket prices are much higher than I thought- $330+fees/taxes for pit and still pretty pricey as you move back. I guess there is a lot of mouths to feed. I will wait it out and snag a pair near the show date when people remember they have their kids AAA Super Selects Under 8 All-star team tryouts and have to sell their tickets.

I saw a show in the Spring and it was just OK to ME. I agree with some others that a ‘better’ guitarist would improve the show a little. You can’t question Sam’s loyalty, that is for sure.”

Pacfanweb responded, “We’ll probably sit in the grass in the family section. Sammy hasn’t been to Raleigh since 2002 when he toured with Roth.

Sat in the same section for VH in 2015 and got free upgrades to pretty decent seats. Had that happen for Journey, too. Always a possibility on a weeknight show, and this one’s on a Wednesday.” Eddie Van Halen made a stunning new bassist announcement a few days ago.