Foo Fighters Member Reveals Why Pearl Jam & Nirvana Aren’t Grunge


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently interviewed ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher for Magnet Magazine. In the interview, Hawkins criticized the idea of there being a Grunge genre, as he said he doesn’t believe Pearl Jam and Nirvana sound like they’re part of the same thing. The conversation started when Hawkins asked Gallagher about Britpop.

Gallagher: I fucking hate that word, mate. We weren’t fucking pop. To me, I felt it was us and the Verve. We were different scenes, were like a classic rock ’n’ roll band. Britpop to me was Pulp, Menswear, Blur, all these stupid little Camden bands that were all jolly as fuck, you know what I mean? We wanted to play, man. I personally always found that word fucking insulting.

Hawkins: I think it is, too.

Gallagher: The Verve and Oasis—we were thinking way bigger than Britpop. We were a classic rock ’n’ roll band.
Hawkins: I see that. And also, it’s the same thing with grunge. You can’t say Nirvana and Pearl Jam sound anything alike—they’re not the same kind of fucking music, really. Just ’cause of an era. They have to simplify shit.

Gallagher: It’s just fucking journalists, isn’t it? Lazy cunts. I felt like Blur and all that—they were doing like just jolly kind of weird, fucking stupid music. “Champagne Supernova” is a boss fucking tune. They were all jumping about it with their fingers in their ears.

  • Tim

    I don’t think the Title is right, Hawkins compare Nirvana with Pearl Jam. That’s it, never is he talking about them compared with Foo Fighters, he doesn’t even mention which one is grunge or not

  • Raj

    Blur>Oasis Damon Albarn has more talent in his pinky than Liam does in his whole body. Liam could never do what Damon has done outside of Blur with Gorillaz.

    • Diana

      I love both but agree, Blur>>>Oasis.

      • Emma

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    • Kay B


  • Kay B

    I don’t mind Oasis but Cham. Supernova was a horrible song that never ended. Their huge hit was Wonderwall….and yes it was played on pop stations. Totally mainstream.

    • Ryan

      Champaign Super Nova was an awesome song. I’m one of the few that liked it better than Wonder Wall. Reminds me of being a kid.

    • Kay B

      I liked D’you know what I mean? and Supersonic much better than Wonderwall.

  • Gard

    The more the read about this interview. The more annoyed I get. Oasis? Like this guy makes them seem like there some crazy intense rock n roll band. Im sorry but Oasis is pretty poppy if you think about it. I think Blur is great, probably even better then Oasis to be honest, Oasis put out alot more mediocre bullshit then Blur, I feel Blur was way more experimental.Its embarrasing how hes even being interviewed by Taylor Hawkins? Like really hes noone. He plays drummer in the Foo Fighters and he cant even write his part on the drums on most of the songs because narcistic Dave Grohl needs to write it. But hey if Paul McCartney wants to play drums on my album. Hell ya he can. Sell out. Anyways.
    Also who cares about what your Genre is called really? Does it really matter? This Taylor Hawkins guy makes it seem like Nirvana and Pearl Jam need to sound like the exact same band to be “Grunge” together. I agree Pearl Jam isnt much of a grunge band, I think of them more as just a classic alternative rock band, alot less fuzzy distortion. But they do have some songs that can sound pretty grungy. Also if you look up the definition of “Grunge music”. That’s exactly what Pearl Jam and Nirvana both were when they started.

  • person

    please…..just name the people already within the headlines of these clickbait little articles….”Pearl Jam member says….”….”Nirvana member says….”…’s beyond annoying

  • teufelwaffen

    There’s no such thing as “grunge”. Total media fabricated title.

  • Jorge Slb

    Who the fuck cares about the genre, but less insulting other bands Liam, i like both as i like Pearl and Nirvana, Alice, Soundgarden, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, No doubt, Sublime, Korn, Kittie, RHCP, Faith No More, Metallica, Slayer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, all different type of music, but fuckin killer, fuck media and labels, we are Music Worshippers