Steven Tyler Stunned By Big Name Rejection


Joe Perry revealed that he and Steven Tyler were stunned by Aerosmith fans rejecting the song “Get A Grip” in a new interview. The song is a big name in Aerosmith history since it was also the name of the album that it appeared on, but it sadly never connected with fans. An interesting story about Steven Tyler nearly replacing Axl Rose for a surprising performance was recently revealed.

He told Radio, “I can remember writing a couple of different times, writing the songs with Steven, and looking at each other going, ‘this one’s gotta work'” Perry explains. “This one’s got everything it’s suppose to have. It’s got a chorus you can sing along with, it’s got a tempo that would work really well when we play it live, the riff kinda hangs together and is kind of a hook of its own. All the little elements that you try to put into a song to make it a song. To make it entertaining and putting across what we’re trying to get everyone to feel. I can name a couple of them, and they fall flat on their face, and you’re going, ‘what the hell?'”

Perry also had an example of what he was talking about, “Probably the song ‘Get A Grip'” he says, referring to the title track from their 1993 top-selling number one album.

“We worked on that one out at Long View Studio in Western Mass” Perry recalls. “I can remember staying up in the loft with Steven and we were working on some different things. I think he was playing the drums or playing keyboards and I was playing the guitar. We said, ‘this riff is gonna work. This has got it.’ We went out and played it, we named the record after it, and other songs turned out to be the winners. This particular one, we played it live a couple times and it just laid there flat. We discovered there were other songs people would rather hear.”

Perry discussed the ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Aerosmith Las Vegas residency in a new Loudwire interview.

“We went out and figured if we’re going to do it we might as well do it in a way that no one else has. We didn’t know how it was going to turn out. We didn’t want to go into Las Vegas and book over 50 shows just taking our regular show on the road and making it smaller for a smaller venue. We were looking at it more in a way some of the big acts in Vegas do their shows. We’ve been to Cirque du Soleil and seen David Copperfield and we figured we knew we had to do something special, raise it to another level if it was going to be something we wanted to do. That was pretty much the vibe.

We went out and found people that were at the top of their game and started working with them. A year ago, we started working on production and pulling all of the elements together. We really wanted to create something that would be a legitimate Las Vegas show while giving people a good rock ‘n’ roll show at the same time. If you’re an Aerosmith fan, this is definitely something you’ve never seen before.”