Freddie Mercury Allegedly Getting AIDS On SNL Revealed


In a recent interview with Poz, Mark Langhorne, autobiographer of Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury discussed Mercury’s history with HIV and the moment he likely first showed signs of the infection, which Langhorne dates back to Mercury and Queen’s performance on SNL in 1982. Freddie Mercury was killed by AIDS with this famous singer.

Freddie Mercury rejected surprising men before his death. Telling the outlet, the author said: The purpose of discovering that was an odd realization—that he would have been HIV positive for almost a decade, which was half of his life as a star. It helps us understand why he did what he did and made creative and personal decisions and how he viewed the world postinfection. It also gives us insight into the times, and I suppose a clearer snapshot of his life. He claimed he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1987, but when you later learn that in fact he was likely infected five years earlier, you see a different person than the one you thought you saw. You see a person fighting.

On November 4th 1985, exactly 34 years ago today, Queen released “One Vision” as the first single from A Kind of Magic album. Fans took to social media via Instagram to celebrate and look back on the occasion.

Mirandagormley said: “I love that Freddie sings with the same energy and passion in the studio as he does on stage. Legends never rest.”

Freddie Mercury going blind from AIDS was also revealed. Obbevanderwal proclaimed: “A hell of a song, one of the great songs that pulled me to love Queen, when it came out in 1985. One vision still can make me feel today why I gravitated towards Queen 34 years ago.”

Crimsonconfidence put: “Love this song. I agree it’s an amazing entrance song. I loved their sped-up version of We will rock you that they did before, but One Vision is just perfect. And I’m so grateful they made the making of the video.”

You can read the entire interview HERE.