Freddie Mercury Rejected Surprising Men Before Death


Freddie Mercury, the iconic late Queen frontman made quite the revelation in this rare and unearthed interview. The interview showcases how allegedly, Freddie Mercury in love with women, not with any male lovers. Thus rejecting the idea of Mercury’s love for men. A Freddie Mercury ‘cowboy’ plane video was also revealed not too long ago.

Mercury states in Metro the following:

“It would destroy all the mystery if I always explained everything about myself. To actually come out with it and go into huge detail about all those things, to be honest, is a bit beneath me. I have maybe a wider sexual taste than most people, but that’s as far as I’m going to go. I couldn’t fall in love with a man the way I could with a girl.”

Also during the interview, Mercury revealed a stark admission about his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Mary Austin, saying to the publication:

“Our love affair ended in tears, but a deep bond grew out of it, and that’s something nobody can take away from us.”

Freddie’s AIDS ‘makeup’ was revealed last week. Fans of the band Queen discussed where their sixth studio album – “News of the World” rank within the band catalog in a recent topic on the Queen subreddit.

Gepu99 discussed their thoughts on the subject: “All dead, All dead” was something I discovered last year and have never owned a copy of NOTW I was blown away by it. I liked the simplicity and the somewhat childish yet real lyrics. I always liked songs sung by Brian, and this one got to me in a difficult time. Then realizing this was a song sung by the guitarist but having relatively little guitar in it surprised me. Yet the guitar part is the best part, as I always feel like it’s literally turning a page in the song. And the line “I am old, but still, a child” is something I can relate to (although I’m still 20 years old). This song alone skyrocketed the album in my rankings, now it’s sitting on a shared 3rd place with A Day at the Races (1 is Queen II, 2nd is A Night at the Opera).”

A gaunt Freddie Mercury video was recently revealed. Lyricweaver put: “No way I can determine rank: They all fight for my top spots every other week. But this album definitely has its amazing moments. I love the lesser-knowns, like “It’s Late”, “Fight From the Inside”, “All Dead, All Dead”. And despite the number of times I’ve heard both, “We Will Rock You” paired with “We Are The Champions” might just be the best album opener ever.”