Roger Waters ‘Balding’ Video Stuns Pink Floyd: ‘He’s Frail’


Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters discussed the arrest of Julian Assange, and his bold remarks have stunned the Pink Floyd community, where he claimed Assange is ‘balding’ and ‘frail.’ Waters discussed a rape arrest yesterday.

“I have friends, quite close friends, he said he’s lost over 2 stone in weight, that’s like 15 kilos or something he’s lost. He’s balding at an alarming rate, but what’s more alarming is that even when they asked him his name and so on and so fourth, he was stumbling over finding ways to speak.”

He added, “We do know they’ve been keeping him in solitary confinement, so for 23 hours a day he’s in a cell. He’s exhibiting all of the symptoms, according to the accounts that I’ve read, of somebody that’s been subjected to torture in a routine way over many months. He looks like people who have come out blinking from the dungeon after they’ve been tortured for many months. So you can see that he’s very frail, he is in real danger of them actually ending his life.”

Waters also praised a film that he saw recently on social media, “Verified
I went to see @silenceofothers last night. It is magnificent, both powerful and deeply moving. Make sure you see it, it is absolutely not to be missed.”

Waters thanked fans earlier this year when his tour ended, “FANTASTIC LAST SHOW TO A FANTASTIC TOUR. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!! UNTIL NEXT TIME….” He added, “156 shows in 35 countries. Thank you to the best team on earth!!” A Pink Floyd member recently made a sad Jimi Hendrix revelation.