Greta Van Fleet Member ‘Messes Up’ Horrible Performance


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner claimed in a new Drum Magazine interview that he believes his performance on “Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)” in the studio could have been better, especially compared to the stellar live version.

The song that gave Wagner the biggest fight in the studio was the six-minute behemoth “Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer),” a song that often stretches to 20 minutes live. “We could have recorded that track in sections, but we really wanted to jam it out in one take,” he explains. “Live, it changes so much night to night, and I was thinking, Okay, how am I going to pack all of these sections in and make it sound aggressive but natural, knowing that this is gonna be forever? I had to think, but not overthink.”

“Well, you listen to it and you say, ‘Hey, that’s great, but I probably could have done it better with one more try.’ But you know, we’re just getting started with making records. There’s still a lot for us to learn.”

Greta Van Fleet losing a huge amount of money was recently revealed. Aaron Lee Tasjan was recently recruited to open for Greta Van Fleet at their rescheduled tour dates later this month in North America just before the new years. Aaron wrote on Facebook in a comment, “So excited to be on these shows! Thanks Greta Van Fleet! Honored to be asked to join the party. Looking forward to seeing you all you wonderful music loving people! Let’s rock together.”

He added, “Hey new friends! Can’t wait to see see you!!! Shall we Rock’n’roll and have a blast then keep up the big time bugaloo party when your boss boys, Greta Van Fleet come out and burn it all the way down to the ground with their Rock’n’roll fire? I say YES!!!!”

You can read the full Danny Wagner piece at Drum Magazine.