Angus Young Reveals AC/DC Singer ‘Anger’ After Replacement


AC/DC members Angus Young and the late Malcolm Young’s interview with Classic Rock magazine recently was published online for the first time, and they discussed Bon Scott’s angry insults in the studio, but how he managed to make them funny. They also wondered how he would have reacted to the Brian Johnson fronted lineup.

Classic Rock asked, “Speaking of Bon, do you ever think he might be looking down – or up! – at what AC/DC have achieved after he died?”

The Youngs responded, “To be honest, if there is anything in the after-life, he’ll probably be saying, ‘C’mon, guys. Play that one f**king faster. Put some f**king grunt into it.’ That’s what he was like. Bon wasn’t one for compliments, but he’d always be funny about it.”

Angus Young saying an AC/DC icon ‘didn’t have a job’ was revealed last week. AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and his wife Brenda have donated a property to All Star Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming foster care through innovation, science, and compassion. All Star’s Stephen Fanche said the organization sold the property for net proceeds of $335,000.

“Over the past two years, All Star has received a remarkable outpouring of support from Brenda and Brian Johnson, and other committed, caring people,” says Fancher. “Their extraordinary gifts have made a world of difference.”

“Dennis and Graci will make these children believe in angels — because that’s what they are,” says Brenda Johnson.

“They have brought a community together in a common cause to help children who have grown up in unpredictable households where violence and neglect may have occurred,” adds Brian Johnson. “There is no greater good than what they have achieved in building the All-Star Children’s Foundation campus, and Brenda and I are honored to be a part of it.”

“We are so grateful to Brenda and Brian,” says Graci McGillicuddy. “We’re preparing to open our campus to children very soon. Raising funds is so important in this crucial time — and they’ve taken us leagues closer to making this dream a reality.”

Dee Snider tweeted about the new AC/DC album a few days ago, “[Malcolm] died. RIP Malcolm Young. But all four surviving members have reunited WITH tracks recorded by Malcolm while he was still alive. Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young is replacing him (he’s done this a couple of times before). It’s as close as you can get to the original band. @acdc” A surprising new Brian Johnson bar photo was revealed a few days ago.