Greta Van Fleet React To Being Called Derivative Of Bands Like Led Zeppelin


Greta Van Fleet were asked about constantly being compared to older giants of rock music and whether they’re bothered by it in a new AntiHero interview (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar). Greta Van Fleet have been compared to Led Zeppelin frequently by the music media.

There’s a lot of comparisons to some of the older bands that have come before you. How do you guys kind of react to that? I know in a way it’s gotta be somewhat humbling, but at the same time you guys are trying to create your own identity.

Danny Wagner (drums): “It’s kind of cool because I personally believe that in this world today, that’s a very, very difficult sound to achieve. And I think we share a lot of similar influences to those bands. In a way it’s kind of humbling to receive that kind of attention. Because it’s a hard sound to really find.”

Sam Kiszka (bass): “I think the thing about it – what people respond to is that we put everything into it. Like a live performance, we put everything into our studio work, and I think people really respond to that. I think it’s great that everybody’s so excited about what we’re doing. We have an album coming out.”

So you guys have a full-length coming out?

Danny: “Yeah, this is our first full-length that we’re gonna consider an album. We’re considering this number one.”
That’s one of the questions I was gonna ask. You released a couple of EPs throughout the past year or so, and I was wondering when the full album would come out.

Danny: “It’s in the works. Actually, very much in the works. Which is exciting.”

Sam: “So keep your eyes peeled.”

It seems like every time you announce a new date the show is sold out. How are you guys adapting to this newfound fame that has kind of happened overnight?

Sam: “We’re just rolling with the punches. I think we have the right mindset for it and we don’t consider ourselves better than anybody else. There’s no reason why we should be famous. It’s just like… I don’t know, it’s kind of like weird. Now that I’m thinking about it… *screams*

Danny: “We’re not like personally super into whole media kind of world. So I think that kind of acts as a benefit in the fact that we’re not too deep into it. We’re here to focus on what we need to do and we do it.”

Sam: “Yeah, it’s a dangerous thing actually for any artist. Being too aware of what people think of you is just a big issue. Because then your creative identity that you consider yourself is gone. But everything so far has been absolutely fantastic. Very loving people, great fans.”