Blink-182 Reveal If They Want Tom DeLonge At Las Vegas Residency


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus discussed the band’s upcoming Las Vegas residency, and if Tom DeLonge is invited, in a new Las Vegas Magazine interview.

What can blink-182 get done with minimal travel commitments, that touring did not allow?

The Palms has a great studio in the building, and since we’re going to be there so much we talked about spending time in Las Vegas after and before the shows, getting into the studio there and working out ideas or recording songs for the next record.

That’s pretty unprecedented too. I don’t think anyone’s used the Palms studio like that before.

I thought the Killers did?

They recorded there but they didn’t have a residency that kept them playing shows and completely immersed in playing live and recording at the Palms. Nobody’s done anything like that before.

I couldn’t think of a much better day than waking up, going to the studio, working for the better part of a day in the studio and then going onstage and playing shows live. It’s everything I like about the band wrapped up in one day.

Take it. I’d be amiss if I didn’t ask, but does Tom have an invitation to join the band live?

We haven’t really talked about that at all. I mean, there’s no hard feeling or bad blood between us and Tom. He’s doing his thing and we support him entirely, but we haven’t talked about him coming out at all.