Grunge Legend Tells Bizarre Story About Layne Staley Injecting Heroin Into His Neck


Former Hole drummer Patty Schemel was recently interviewed on the Do You Know Jack podcast to discuss her new book Hit So Hard.

The host asked, “One moment that really struck me was, there’s a story that you tell in the book, and I think it’s maybe one of the first times you went to shoot heroin, and you run into Layne Staley. He’s having a perfectly normal conversation, but he’s injecting heroin directly into a vein into his neck like it was just nothing. Is this sort of how this heroin culture in Seattle had escalated I suppose maybe would be the right word?”

Schemel responded, “For someone who can afford to have a heroin habit, where you never have – there’s no end to your money, so you can constantly have access, and then it becomes difficult to I guess – in a way it was just part of how, you eventually just start shooting up in your neck and it’s not a big deal.

I think it’s because it’s the way we all self-medicated back then. Of course I wasn’t just used to that, I made a mention of it in the book, Layne shooting up in his neck. It got to that point, that’s where it goes is what the point was in that too.”

If any readers are struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction, you can reach out to your local Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous.

  • The Vegemite Kid

    I think “grunge legend” is getting thrown around loosely in terms of this girl.

    • RUFKM?

      It’s click bait. I keep falling for it (obviously). Seems like if it’s a slow news day, Brett goes back to the Patty “Grunge Legend” Schemel well.

    • Nicola

      If I recall correctly, he also used the term “grunge legend” in an article referring to Sebastian Bach….also a stretch in my opinion

  • Raj

    Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott was injecting heroin into his feet in his last years.

  • Kay B

    He was wearing finger less gloves quite a bit from injecting between his knuckles. I work in trauma surgery but I hate needles. Reading about needles makes me wanna gag. I can look at and do an amputation of a leg but needles….hell no.

    • Nicola

      I think about Layne and his gloves as I am nearly always wearing a pair because of my severe Raynaud’s. Also wearing compression arm sleeves, mostly for circulation but also because of getting IV treatments 3 x a week. My arms look like a heroin addicts and the compression sleeves cover that.
      Was a vet tech for many years. For me the one thing I never liked was eye surgery. Most often this was eye removal surgery. Ugh

      • Kay B

        Eye surgery makes me want to vomit.

  • Adam Jago

    Layne Staley was the baddest motherfucker to ever grace a Microphone. I don’t care if he was injecting in his Dick (probably was because I have) he still is was and ALWAYS will be the voice of my generation. Cantrell the songwriter of my gen. No other band in Seattle could come close to AIC’s..#EPICNESS

  • Jason Kasepchuk

    Why would she tell that story who wrote this article what is wrong with you Brett I know am tired of hearing these stories about a man I love and I do understand who he but those problems he had are what saved me at one time but I would rather wish we could hear about how smart and funny he was not hear from some second rate broke drummer from hole that thinks we need to here about this terrible story can you just once put yourself in Layne’s mom’s shoes and imagine if she read this it would bring her more pain and she doesn’t need anymore pain

    • Jason Kasepchuk

      So true Layne was amazing I don’t want hear about this crap just interesting stuff stop focusing in the drugs cause he has helped so many people with his music

  • Michael Cunningham

    ” I don’t go broke … and I do it a lot “

  • Dms

    Poor Layne can we just let this man rest in peace people keep trying to make money off him he paid the ultimate price because of his demons he’s also save so many lives his name was Layne my life he saved. Can we just hear good stuff and happy stuff about him for once every time his mother mother sees the stuff it has to upset her. RIP angry angel layne.