Dave Grohl Abandons Sad Red Hot Chili Peppers Performance


Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters played a brief cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Scar Tissue” a couple of days ago in Glasgow, Scottland. Taylor Hawkins sang lead, and Dave Grohl attempted to sing as well and screwed up. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently revealed the bold truth about Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Grohl appeared to say, “See Pat [Smear] can’t even play that shit right there. But you know what, I thank my lucky stars every day that Pat Smear was not only in Nirvana with me, but [is in Foo Fighters with me]. F**k, I’ve known that motherf**ker a long time, but you know what, he f**king looks the same. He looks beautiful! How’d that happen? Shit.”

Dave Grohl revealed yesterday what song has the same arrangement as “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” ac_cloud commented on the Red Hot Chili Peppers Reddit, “Shiiiit, really wish I was seeing them at Leeds Fest this weekend now, they’re setlists have been great recently – playing loads of old stuff like Stacked Actors and Hey, Johnny Park.”

stephjuan chimed in, “I was there in Glasgow. Such a amazing gig. I was secretly hoping they’d play Stacked Actors. When they opened with it, I lost my shit.”

Van-Gough said, “That was awful but it’s appreciated.” stephjuan responded, “It was just spur of the moment improv. Clearly not rehearsed and just trying to remember the song and the words.” Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale joined a Red Hot Chili Peppers supergroup last week.