Chris Cornell Unseen Photo Stuns Guns N’ Roses Fans


The music world was shaken to its core on the day that we all had learned about the horrid and untimely passing of rock icon Chris Cornell. As fans and fellow musicians mourned the loss of his exceptional talent, it became evident that his departure left a void not only in the hearts of millions but also within the tight-knit community of musicians. In particular, his relationship with Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron completely showed the profound bond that the two shared. In fact, that bond continues to this day.

Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron shared a musical journey that spanned decades, beginning with their time together in the influential Seattle-based band, Soundgarden. The two musicians complemented each other’s talents, creating a powerful synergy that became the backbone of Soundgarden’s signature sound. Their collaboration produced timeless hits like “Black Hole Sun,” “Fell on Black Days,” and “Spoonman,” etching their names into rock history.

Cornell has been heavy on the minds of many lately for a few reasons. We have now passed an anniversary of his death yet again, which opens wounds for many of us, and also, many of us are totally displeased with Soundgarden being snubbed by the academy at the rock and roll Hall Of Fame, even though we witnessed Soundgarden getting a majority of votes in by the people.

Thanks to a repost by Reddit, Matt took to Instagram to post up a wonderful post of his friend and brother in music, Chris Cornell. In the photo at a Guns N’ Roses show, Cornell is perched and watching over thousands of fans as Cameron remembers it all like it was yesterday. Take a look below.

The loss of Chris Cornell not only represents the departure of a remarkable artist but also underscores the emotional toll that such a loss can have on those left behind. For Matt Cameron, the passing of his friend and bandmate undoubtedly leaves an immense void. The two musicians shared an indescribable understanding, forged through years of collaboration and shared passion for their craft. The grief experienced by Cameron and his fellow bandmates is a testament to the profound impact that Cornell had on their lives.