Guns N’ Roses Fans Don’t Care About ‘Chinese Democracy’


I attended Guns N’ Roses two concerts at MetLife Stadium over the weekend and asked fans what they thought about Chinese Democracy, especially with the band performing songs from the album on the Not In This Lifetime tour. The answers were surprising. Watch the video below!

A weekend of Guns N’ Roses. My expectations were already very high from the Philadelphia show, so I was excited to see what they had in store for MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

On Saturday we were at the top of section 111A, right on the side of the stage. The only differences in the setlist at this show from the one in Philadelphia were that they didn’t do “Sorry,” Duff did “Attitude” instead of “New Rose,” and they did “Patience” in the encore in place of “Don’t Cry.”

When Axl introduced the band, he implored the crowd to wish Slash a happy birthday. They later did a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Angie” as an intro for “Patience.”

Sunday’s show was a little bit shorter than the previous night, starting and ending a bit earlier. As expected, they switched Duff’s song back to “New Rose” and their first encore song was “Don’t Cry” instead of “Patience.” The performance of “Don’t Cry” was incredible, probably one of the best of the entire show. The entire stadium echoed along with Axl. It almost seemed that they were even louder than the previous night.

After the Sunday night show, we decided to go and wait by the loading dock to see the band come out. It was almost two hours until any sort of action. First I saw Melissa Reese’s pastel blue hair and realized that it was time. I looked to my right as Richard Fortus walked very quickly with his head down toward the blacked out Mercedes Sprinter they would be getting into. Dizzy Reed stopped and said hello and shook our hands, Del James was with him as well. He turned and waved when I called his name, and then he and a few roadies loaded into the van. Melissa Reese followed and gave us a gentle but shy smile as people said hello to her.

The first golf cart to drive by had Duff McKagan’s daughters on the back, they held up peace signs and yelled goodnight.

A second golf cart eventually started to creep out and a truck backed into the loading dock and stopped, almost as if to intentionally block the five people standing and waiting to see them come out. Axl was on it. I turned around the truck and watched it drove away. A security guard flashed a high powered flash light at us, blinding us. We walked toward the bus the cart stopped in front of and I saw a security guard point at us, flashing us again with the light. Someone else said Slash was driven by in a black SUV and rolled down the window and waved.

All in all, it was worth the wait despite not getting to really speak with any of them. Three shows and two states later, I am beyond pleased with the “Not in This Lifetime” Tour and can only hope they continue touring in the future beyond the Latin American dates.

  • jesse vance

    This headline is so misleading. I really like the Chinese democracy stuff and I’m a Guns N Roses fan.

    • Beefcake

      I’m sure the folks at AltNation would say ‘Thanks for the Disqus cheque’ regardless of your thoughts on the content within. Don’t forget to stop by again to click on any additionally misleading headlines and be sure to leave your disgruntled feedback. We love that shite around here…

  • Raj

    No surprise there, it’s a good album with good songs. However, it’s an Axl Rose solo project, I found the album to be grandiose and overproduced. Most people going are there to hear the hits, I’ve seen the hired guns lineup twice and you won’t find anyone singing along to Chinese Democracy with their falun gongs and iron fists.

    • Elpidio G.

      I really liked Axl’s evolution with ChD, and always thought those songs would have been classics if instilled with the rest of the originals’ ideas. There are days I can’t get “I´m sorry for you/not sorry for me” out of my head.

    • Nicholas Cobraetti

      I do. Yeah it’s a bit over-produced, but calling it an Axl Rose solo project is not accurate in any way

      • Raj

        One person doesn’t make a band, he only could call it Guns N Roses because he forced Slash, Duff and the others to sign over the name to him. New members played on the album but Axl’s got control of the whole thing.

    • GiorgiKobalava

      It`s Axl solo album ” is bullshit, it`s not even an argument yes, it is, Guns N`Roses has been Axl`s band since day one, it`s time to accept it.

  • Felonious Punk

    Dude, fuckin’ Lauryn is HOT.

    Always funny to see fans pack a stadium or arena for a band and have no interest in certain stuff. Best Buy should be at each tour stop handing out free copies of all those ChiDem CDs they were stuck with when they pre-ordered like a million copies and it sold nowhere near that figure..

    • Beefcake

      Lauryn is gorgeous indeed…

  • Tom Murray

    If you ask people who barely know the old material what they think about the most obscure record in the bands discography, of course you’ll get answers like this. Remember the earlier videos where they couldn’t even tell you Duff’s name?

    Most people want old and material all night, but to claim “get fans don’t care about chinese democracy” is a bit of a stretch.

  • MonStar

    Chinese Democracy is an amazing album. The musicians involved in creating it were top tier and the lyrics wove in a way you don’t see with modern bands. It was encouraging to see that evolution. As a lifelong fan when i first heard the demos i was blown away and again by the changes in the final release. Although it is a reunion tour so seeing the old stuff is a priority but they should continue making new stuff.

  • Billy

    you would get the same responses if you went to an AC/DC show and asked anyone about their last like 5 albums. Casual fans only care about radio singles and a night out.

  • Douglas Haas

    Saw 5 shows… 2 in Vegas, 1 each in Pittsburgh, Foxboro and East Rutherford. Great each time and I love the Chinese Democracy material and it’s great to hear Slash playing it!

  • JoelS

    I enjoyed hearing “Better” and “Chinese Democracy” live, just sayin’.

  • GiorgiKobalava

    Well, I know reality is harsh but no one gives a shit whether they care about Chinese Democracy or not, Axl does n`t, surely. His band, his decisions. Those who oppose this idea, can stay home and stick their thumbs up their asses.